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St. Joseph's Primary has concluded our relationship with Dobsons Uniform Shop.

We are pleased to announce that a new uniform provider "Noone"  will commence from Term 3. Please note that the uniform shop will not be available over the holidays as we make this transition.


We appreciate your understanding and patience during this period, and we will provide further details about the new uniform and how to purchase uniforms in early Term 3. Thank you for your continued support.




  • St. Joseph’s summer dress or St. Joseph’s red short sleeve shirt with logo and Standard dress navy blue school shorts

  • Plain white socks

  • Standard black school shoes with closed heels and toes

  • St. Joseph’s Sun-safe school hat 



  • St Joseph’s Polo Shirt with logo – long or short sleeve

  • Navy blue tailored pants

  • We are currently phasing out the Gordon Hunting Tartan slacks but these may still be worn until further notice)

  • Gordon Hunting Tartan skirt

  • St. Joseph’s Polo Shirt with logo - long or short sleeve

  • St. Joseph’s navy windcheater or bomber jacket with logo

  • Plain white socks or navy blue tights

  • Standard black school shoes with closed heels and toes



  • St. Joseph’s red short sleeve shirt with logo

  • Standard grey school shorts/pants

  • Grey socks

  • Standard black school shoes with closed heels and toes or 

  • Elastic sided black school boots



  • St. Joseph’s red polo shirt with logo - long or short sleeved

  • St. Joseph’s navy windcheater or bomber jacket with logo

  • Standard long grey school trousers (cargo pants are not suitable)

OR Standard grey school shorts

  • Grey socks

  • Standard black school shoes with closed heels and toes or

  • Elastic sided black school boots


  • St. Joseph’s red polo shirt with logo - short or long sleeved

  • Plain navy blue shorts (summer)

  • Plain navy blue track pants (winter)

  • Plain white socks

  • Sports shoes with sport safe soles and support. ‘Skate’ shoes are not acceptable

Year 6 only

Graduation Ruby Top


  • Blue or red ribbons or scrunchies (school colours only)

  • Undecorated clips such as bobby pins or flat snap clips

  • Black, brown, red or blue elastic hair ties.

  • A wristwatch - no smart watches

  • Earrings - single plain gold or silver stud in each lobe

  • Short, clean, unadorned fingernails

  • Plain blue or red scarves and beanies 

  • No visible body art

  • No makeup

  • Shoulder length hair or longer must be tied back. 

  • Extreme colours or styles are not permitted (Allocated dress up days are the exception)


After School Care

Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 10.34.01 am.png

Pro Kidz OSHC Service

Pro Kidz provides outside school hours care (OSHC) for families within our school community who require care for their children at the end of the school day.

To obtain an enrolment form please email


Address: 33 Sydney Road Benalla

Phone: 5762 1784


Volunteering & Child Safe Induction

St. Joseph’s Primary School community has a long, supportive and valuable history of parent/carer involvement and volunteering. We welcome the involvement and support of our parents, carers and local community in our school.

Anyone wishing to commence volunteering at St Joseph’s school will be required to follow Child Safety Standards processes. This involves:

  • A copy of a current WWCC

  • Completing a St Joseph’s Volunteer Application Form

  • Signing a Volunteer Code of Conduct


The volunteer applicant will then be involved in a:

  • Volunteer Child Safety Induction

  • Meeting with Principal, Deputy Principal or Pastoral WellbeingLeader

  • Referee Checks

Volunteers can then contribute to supporting the school community.

Parent & Friends Association

The St Joseph’s Parents & Friends Association (P&F) aims to encourage social interaction between families (by organising events for parents, students and staff). It assists in building a sense of community and wellbeing within the school. It supports the raising of funds for student learning through projects and resources that would not otherwise be financed. In past years, events have included Welcome BBQs, Mother’s and Father’s Day breakfast and morning tea, raffles, Colour Run, along with raising money through fundraising activities.


The P&F welcomes all parents and encourages you to become involved. Being a member of the P&F is a rewarding and enjoyable way of being involved in our school community. It offers the opportunity to meet school families and contribute to the welcoming and vibrant St Joseph’s community.


School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council exists as a body to promote and support St. Joseph’s School in the provision of Catholic Education. It provides a forum for discussion and discernment, where parent voice and community perspective are available to inform and support the decisions made by the school, where students’ wellbeing and outcomes are at the forefront. 


These are some examples of ways the School Advisory Council supports the school and the principal:

  • Articulating and enacting the school’s vision and mission

  • Promoting the school’s Catholic ethos and culture

  • Supporting school policies as required

  • Discussing school improvement plans and strategic plans

  • Engaging in in the annual school budget and other financial matters

  • Providing capital resource planning and maintenance support to the principal.


St Joseph’s School Advisory Council for 2023;

Mary Dunstan (Principal)

Sam Kerlin (Deputy Principal)

Hayden Reeves (Learning Diversity Leader/Pastoral Wellbeing Leader)

Di Muller (Business Manager)

Shayne McKean

Caroline Osborne

Mukera Chandra

Brendan Kinderis

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School Policies

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