At St. Joseph's we believe that:

• Assessment and reporting must be meaningful, purposeful and relevant to the parents, students and teachers.
• Assessment and reporting should reflect the uniqueness and giftedness of the whole person.
• Assessment and reporting is a continual and developmental process.

At St. Joseph's we aim to:
• Ensure planning for assessment and reporting is part of the planning of Teaching and Learning.
• Ensure assessment and reporting is relevant to children's learning.
• Ensure that the parents and where appropriate, the student, understand the reporting of the reporting of the student learning.
• Ensure the feedbck from parents and students about reporting processes is actively sought.

Term 1

* A questionnaire is sent home to parents asking parents "Tell me about your child". This information is a way of getting to know the individual needs of each of the students. 
Student Progress Meetings are held early in the term to enable parents and the teacher to exchange information about the child. ODD YEARS.
Unit Information Nights will be held early in the term to support parent knowledge and understanding of practices. EVEN YEARS. 

Term 2
• Mid Year reports are set home towards the end of the term.
• Parent/Teacher interviews are held after the parents have seen the students reports.

Term 3
• Parent/Teacher Interviews are held at the request of either the parents or the classroom teacher on a need basis.

Term 4
• End of Year reports are sent home.
• Parent/Teacher interviews are held at the request of either the parents or the classroom teacher on a needs basis.

• PSG (Parent Support Group) meetings are held each term.