St. Joseph's School Advisory Council exists as a body to promote and support St. Joseph's School in the provision of Catholic Education.

In doing so, the Advisory Council:
• recognises the role of the school in the overall mission of the Parish and seeks to foster the relationship of the school with the parish community.
• acknowledges the legitimate authority and responsibility of the Parish Priest and works with the Parish Priest in the Shared Wisdom model of decision-making and discernment.

The Scope of St. Joseph's School Advisory Council is:
• to lead school renewal and development in a process of managed change.
• to provide leadership in strategic planning for future school improvement and development in the areas of: Catholic Identity, Leadership, Curriculum, Pastoral Care, Finance & Resources and Facilities.

The School Advisory Council shall consist of ex-officio members and elected representive members.
Executive of the Council (Ex-Officio members)
• The Parish Priest;
• The Principal
• Deputy Principal
• Nominated Chair of the Council - (Elected from the Council); and
• School Officer - Secretary (non voting rights)

Elected Members
• Two members elected from the Executive of the Parents Association or their nominees;
• One elected member of the School Leadership Team;
• One elected staff member (not a member of the School Leadership Team);
• Two elected parent representives nominated from the parent community;
• The Executive of the Council may co-opt three board members for specific purposes for a specified period of time; and
• The Chairperson to be a nominated parent from the Council

Duration of Membership
• Three year minimum;
• Three members co-opted by the Executive are appointed for a specified period of time; and
• In coming members are expected to participate in a series of Professional Development sessions

Frequency of Meetings:
• Full School Advisory Council meetings will be held twice a term;
• Sub commitee meetings will be held in between each full School Advisory Council Meeting or as required;
• The Annual General Meeting is held in March or April each year.

Current Membership of the St. Joseph's PS School Advisory Council:
Shayne McKean (School Advisory Chair)
Fr Vijay Bandanadam
Mary Dunstan
Leigh Symons
Tony Kelly
Kylie White
Mukera Chandra
Brendan Kinderis
Caroline Osborne
Maria Pomponio
Dianne Muller (Administration)           

Benalla Regional Catholic Education:
Benalla Regional Catholic Education (BRCE)works to promote, support and enhance the role of the Catholic Education in Benalla and the surrounding area. Benalla Regional Catholic Education consists of:
• Mr. Shaun Mason ~ Principal, FCJ College (Benalla)
• Mrs Mary Dunstan ~ Principal, St. Joseph's PS (Benalla)
• Mrs. Therese Stewart ~ Principal, St. John's PS (Euroa)
• Mrs. Trish Etcell ~ Principal, St. Mary's PS (Mansfield)