St Joseph's Primary School, Benalla

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St. Joseph's School Board exists as a body to promote and support St. Joseph's School in the provision of Catholic Education.

In doing so, the board:
• recognises the role of the school in the overall mission of the Parish and seeks to foster the relationship of the school with the parish community.
• acknowledges the legitimate authority and responsibility of the Parish Priest and works with the Parish Priest in the Shared Wisdom model of decision-making and discernment.
The Scope of St. Joseph's School Board is:
• to lead school renewal and development in a process of managed change.
• to provide leadership in strategic planning for future school improvement and development in the areas of: Catholic Identity, Leadership, Curriculum, Pastoral Care, Finance & Resources and Facilities.

The School Board shall consist of ex-officio members and elected representive members.
Executive of the Board (Ex-Officio members)
• The Parish Priest;
• The Principal
• Deputy Principal
• Nominated Chair of the Board - (Elected from the Board); and
• School Officer - Secretary (non voting rights)

Elected Members
• Two members elected from the Executive of the Parents Association or their nominees;
• One elected member of the School Leadership Team;
• One elected staff member (not a member of the School Leadership Team);
• Two elected parent representives nominated from the parent community;
• The Executive of the Board may co-opt three board members for specific purposes for a specified period of time; and
• The Chairperson to be a nominated parent from the Board

Duration of Membership
• Three year minimum;
• Three members co-opted by the Executive are appointed for a specified period of time; and
• In coming members are expected to participate in a series of Professional Development sessions

Frequency of Meetings:
• Full School Board meetings will be held twice a term;
• Sub commitee meetings will be held in between each full School Board Meeting or as required;
• The Annual General Meeting is held in March or April each year.

Current Membership of the St. Joseph's PS School Board:

Mr. Chris Hayes ~ Parent Representative (Board Chair)
Mrs. Tanya Boyle ~ Parent Representative
Mr. Matt Hales ~ Parent Representative 
Mr. Tony Kelly ~ Parent Representative
Mrs. Joy Arbuthnot ~ Parent Representative
Mrs. Emma Ryan ~ Parent Representative
Fr. Peter Taylor ~ Parish Priest
Mrs. Trish Merlo ~ Principal 
Mr. Leigh Symons ~ Deputy Principal
Mr. Bryan Piccolo ~ Catholic Identity Leader
Mr. Andrew Cook ~ Pastoral Wellbeing Leader
Mrs. Di Muller ~ School Board Secretary

Benalla Regional Catholic Education:
Benalla Regional Catholic Education (BRCE)works to promote, support and enhance the role of the Catholic Education in Benalla and the surrounding area. Benalla Regional Catholic Education consists of:
• Mrs. Joanne Rock ~ Principal, FCJ College (Benalla)
• Mrs Trish Merlo ~ Principal, St. Joseph's PS (Benalla)
• Mr. Paul Maher ~ Principal, St. John's PS (Euroa)
• Mrs. Trish Etcell ~ Principal, St. Mary's PS (Mansfield)