St Joseph's Primary School, Benalla

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God Lives In Us!

At St. Joseph's we believe that all students must have opportunities to develop leadership qualities of:

• Confidence
• Initiative
• Communication Skills
• Problem Solving Skills
• Organisational Skills
• Persistence
• Empathy
• Role Models
• Able to get along with others
• Respect for others, self & the Environment

St. Joseph's School provides many leadership opportunities for all students and in particular the Senior students. All of the Year 6 students are trained as Assemble Captains and Student Messengers. Asembly Captains organise the whole school weekly assembly. St. Joseph's believes that leadership is about service to others. The student leadership structure at St. Joseph's reflects this in the organisational approach.

This service model of Student Leadership is based around the following five groups:

1. Community Outreach Group
2. Peer Tutoring Group
3. Environmental Sustainability Group
4. Social Justice
5. Computer Group
6. Lunch Activities Group
7. Student Newsletter Group
8. School Improvement Activities

House Captains & Vice Captains

There are four houses at St. Joseph's - Chamberlain, Scanlon, Hannan and Kearney. The students from years 3 to 6 vote their House Captains and Vice Captains at the end of the year.
The Captains and Vice Captains represent the school on formal occasions and are role models for the students in St. Joseph's School.IMG 0053