St Joseph's Primary School, Benalla

Phone: (03) 5762 1347
Fax: (03) 5762 6573
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St. Joseph's, Benalla is a Child Safe school community.

Here you will find how to respond and report to incidents, disclosures or suspicions of child harm or abuse.

 We take child safety seriously at St. Joseph's, Benalla.

Where there are concerns regarding the safety of children, our school leadership and staff will respond quickly and carefully with the interests of the child as our prime consideration, with due regard for confidentiality and fairness to a person against whom the allegation is made.


We encourage children, parents, carers, visitors, volunteers, contractors and staff to respond appropriately and report incidents, disclosures or suspicions of child harm or abuse to:

         Mr. Andrew Cook                   Our Child Safety Officer             Ph. St. Joseph's PS, Benalla 5762 1347

         Mrs. Trish Merlo                     Principal                                     Ph. St. Joseph's PS, Benalla 5762 1347

         Mr. Leigh Symons                  Deputy Principal                         Ph. St. Joseph's PS, Benalla 5762 1347

We have produced a decision assist tool HERE which may be helpful in determining how to make a report to the school.

NOTE: All adults (18 and over) who form a reasonable belief that a sexual offence has been committed by an adult against a child under 16 has a legal obligation to report that information to police. Failure to disclose the information to police is a criminal offence.

The School Staff Team at St. Joseph's are guided by PROTECT: Identifying and Responding to all forms of abuse in Victorian Schools.

This document has been provided for use in our schools by The Victorian Goverment, Department of Education, Independent Schools Victoria and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria.

We will use the Staff Decision Assist Tool where reports are made to staff, or by staff, at St. Joseph's, Benalla.