St Joseph's Primary School, Benalla

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God Lives In Us!

IMG 8139St. Joseph's has a strong and proud tradition of providing Catholic education in Benalla for over a hundred years.

The school's Vision, Mission and Graduate Outcome statements continue to embody our commitment to Catholic Education and Gospel values.




As a community of people, we work with parents in the education of our children. We endeavour to foster close relationships between home and school in a strongly held belief that we all belong to this community of St. Joseph's. In fact every aspect of St. Joseph's reinforces this belonging. As a Catholic school we are also aware of our belonging to our Parish and wider local community.

As educators, our staff is committed to excellence. We love to watch our children learn
and grow to their fullest potential. Our beliefs about teaching and learning are reflected
in every aspect of our policies, programs and curriculum.

Education is a noble and sacred profession and we are very proud to be a part of it.

Trish Merlo
St. Joseph's Primary School BenallaMerlo Patricia