IMG 8139St. Joseph's has a strong and proud tradition of providing Catholic education in Benalla for over a hundred years.

The school's Vision, Mission and Graduate Outcome statements continue to embody our commitment to Catholic Education and Gospel values.





There are four houses at St. Joseph's Primary School - Chamberlain, Scanlon, Hannan and Kearney.
Families are assigned to a house upon enrolment to St Joseph's.

House activities include:
Sports events
Special lunch days
Special theme days



Over our 100-year history, St. Joseph's has built many strong traditions. These traditions are a means of expressing the values we hold to be important in our school and the wider community.

St. Joseph's school is explicit in modelling the Gospel values of acceptance, understanding, forgiveness and the dignity of each person in the community.

St. Joseph's believes that parents are the primary educators in faith of their children, and work with parents in partnership to foster growth by word and example in faith and Chrisitian living.