St Joseph's Primary School offers a comprehensive education at a reasonable cost. Government funding does not cover the full educational cost, therefore fees and fundraising are a necessary part of funding Catholic schools. All fees, levies, leases and excursion costs at St Joseph's are compulsory. School fees can be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or each term. 

2022 School Fees: 
Tiered fee structure
$1225.00 One Child
$1350.00 Two Children
$1560.00 Three + Children

Student Levy: $270.00 per Student
A student levy is charged each year. This levy covers the costs for items such as student and classroom supplies, sports equipment, photocopying, library books, performing arts and all curriculum areas. This levy must be paid at the commencement of the school year.

Capital Maintenance Fee: $165.00 per Family
The fee is to assist in the development and maintenance of our grounds and buildings. This is paid per family per year.

Technology Fee: $205.00 per Student
This fee covers part of the cost of the iPads that each student requires. The school covers the remaining costs.

All fees for student excursions will be itemised on your School Fee Account at the beginning of the year, or as soon as the costing for each excursion is available. TBC

Additional Costs:
There are numerous incidental costs that can be incurred over the year. The below are an example of these costs:
Yearbook $ 20.00 per child in Year 6
End of Year Celebration 40.00 per child in Year 6
Recorder $ 8.00 per child in Year 3 - 6
Satchels $ 13.00 per child in Foundation and any new enrolments
Swimming 35.00 per child in Foundation to Grade 5

All families MUST complete the PAYMENT FORM annually stating their intended payment options.

School Fee Accounts are sent out during each term. Parents must have all accounts settled by the beginning of December. Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly by Direct Debit. This method is strongly recommended by the school as payments can be made at regular intervals and can be spread over the whole year. Families who direct debit are less likely to get into financial difficulty with their accounts. Forms are available within this package and from the school office. Payments can also be made via Internet banking (detail are printed on accounts), or at the school during office hours.
Invoices will be sent out to families in the first week of Term 1.

Fee Concessions and payment plan support are available for those families who are having difficulty meeting their fee obligations. Applications for this concession are made through the Principal. Please phone the school office to make an appointment as early as possible in the school year. It is important that this not be left too late.

A conveyance allowance is payable per students to families who live more than 4.8 kilometers from their nearest bus stop. Application forms are available from the Office and are submitted by the school to the Department of Education. Government regulations apply to the eligibility of this allowance.