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St. Joseph's school will be recognised, in part; by the way we present ourselves in the community. This includes the way the uniform is worn and the grooming of our students.
The Uniform can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Any items that need to be ordered, particularly, the girls summer and winter uniform, need to be ordered on or before the first Transition Day.

Students are expected to wear the uniform correctly at all times.

Uniform Shop
The Uniform Shop is open on Wednesday from 8:30 - 10:30am.
The Uniform Shop Coordinator is Janine Lewis.
Payment is required with order.
Cash, EFT or Cheque (made payable to St Joseph's School)

'Gordon Hunting Tartan' Skirt and/or pants
Red skivvy or Polo Shirt
Navy blue windcheater
White socks or Navy Blue Tights
Brown/Black Leather Shoes/Boots

Red skivvy or Polo Shirt
Navy blue windcheater
Navy blue Bomber Jacket
Long Grey Trousers (Cargo pants not allowed)
Grey socks
Brown/Black Leather Shoes/Boots

Choice of dress pattern (to include collar, sleeves, pocket) or
Culottes and blouse (summer uniform material)
White socks
Brown/Black Leather Shoes/Boots

Red Polo Shirt
Grey Shorts
Grey socks
Brown/Black Leather Shoes/Boots

Sports - All students
Red Polo Shirt (St. Joseph's Logo)
Navy blue shorts
Navy blue track pants
White socks / Sports shoes

Uniform Standard
St. Joseph's school uniform is compulsory and is to be warn correctly and completely on all occassions. The uniform is to be kept clean and in good repair. Hair that is longer than shoulder length is to be tied back for hygiene reasons.

Students are NOT permitted to wear the following:
• Hair colours
• Ear rings other than single stud in the lobe of each ear
• Jewellery of any kind, except a watch on the wrist
• Excessive hair accessories. Basic clips, hair-bands should be plain blue, red, black or white. Blue or red ribbons or scrunchies are permitted
• Thongs or similiar 'slip on' footwear for safety reasons. Shoes must have a closed heel and not expose the toes
• Shoes with heel heights higher than standard school footwear, with the exception of specific medical conditions
• Baseball caps as they contravene the sun-safe policy
• Make up or nail polish
• Hair styles that is extreme in nature (to be decided at the principal's discretion)
• Transfers (body art)